Would hacking for good be bad?

Some years ago hacking was about fun, learning and freeing information. Then came the fame, and suddenly it turns bigtime, and these days its all about the money. Incredible many computers are remote controlled by criminal hacking groups to spam the rest of the world, stealing passwords, performing denial of service attacks and more. Imagine all this computer power used to search for stolen computers and illegal material on infected computers.

Yes, I know – there is a privacy issue. The irony is that privacy has left the building, years ago. You leave an electronic trace around everywhere, to be used and abused. And the creators of malware – they basically own your computer at some point or another.

In an action movie the idea of all computers all over the world starting to mailing the police if illegal porn was found would be a great idea. In the real world I guess we have to stick with computers mailing you about penis enlargement and the big lottery you won.

There might be some gray areas as well. Like looking at a computers MAC-address to see if it is stolen. To check the MAC-address of the wireless network card, you do not have to look into the computer, since its visible from outside.

When its about wireless networks, its much like driving down the street looking at other peoples houses. If you see into a window, and you think what you might just saw was some illegal activity, its probably your duty to have another look, and call the police if you still believe there is some illegal activity. On the other hand, f the shades are down, it would be illegal for you to lift up the shades to have a look. Even though the radio waves of a wireless network is much similar to the light rays that comes out of the neighbors window, these waves is not visible to your eyes, but to your computer. If the network is open, a script could have a quick look and email the police, and it would be good, but if there is a WEP, and your script breaks this key first, it would be bad. Right?

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