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Oooh, shiny.. Screensavers for Ubuntu

I was a bit disappointed by the fact that gnome-screensaver, the default for Ubuntu, does not have a Settings-button, nor an option for custom slide show. It’s not really that hard to hack together a slide show, just look into /usr/share/applications/screensavers.  The regular user should be able to go *click* *click* *click* *clickclik*, done.

I did not find a replacement that can do that, but I found xscreensaver. Xscreensaver gives you all the functions missing in gnome-screensaver, but the user interface of this one is not optimal yet. I wish it didn’t show uninstalled screen-savers in the list, and I wish I could browse files like I am used to in gnome.

For xscreensaver you can choose your own picture folder under the Advanced-tab, and GLSlideshow is just looking *sweet*. Tweak as you like 🙂

You can use Synaptic from the System/Administration menu to swap for xscreensaver. Just type screensaver and check xscreensaver and uncheck gnome-screensaver.

BTW, heres a link to Ubuntu brainstorm.